Art Extension Collaboration

How can we transform old unused satellite dishes into works of art? 

Art Extension knows the answer. 

WeCanVax collaborated with ArtExtension to commission a COVID-themed satellite dish to capture to era of COVID-19 in the multicultural community of Parc Extension. 


Art Extension x WeCanVax 

Satellite Dish Collaboration


About Art Extension 

Art Extension transformed 36 of the Parc Ex's unused satellite dishes into canvases. The satellites feature the work of over 30 local artists.

Link to Art Extension:

The Artist: Annie Hamel

WeCanVax will work with professional mural artist, Annie Hamel who specializes in painting textile patterns and multicultural fabrics.

Link to Annie Hamel:


Our Dish

Our vision was to create a long-lasting art piece to tell the story of Parc Extension's community resilience during COVID-19.