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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of WeCanVax


Let's take a deep dive into WeCanVax's important history. WeCanVax started off as an idea for a master's capstone project within Dr. Ananya Banerjee's Foundations of Health promotion class. Three students, Tammy Bui, Hannah Sachs, and Nathalie Gunawardena conceptualized the idea of creating a health promotion campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence.  The team quickly grew in size include members of the Epidemiology Biostatistics and Occupational Health Student society, EBOSS, including Nehal Islam, Jorge Luis Flores and Bethany Cheng. EBOSS submitted the WeCanVax campaign idea to the Public Health Agency's Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge. and were successfully granted $10K to carry out the campaign. Now WeCanVax is dedicated to promoting COVID-19 Vaccine confidence in collaboration with the Parc Extension community in Montreal. 

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