Executive Team 

Our team has training in many pertinent disciplines including epidemiology, public health, psychology and immunology. We all share a passionate for the health of our community.

Their ideas, with collaboration with our communities, help shape the direction and mission of our young organization. Read on to learn more about some of our team.


Tammy Bui


Tammy Bui is a public health graduate. Being the daughter of two Vietnamese refugees, she was inspired to work with the broader multicultural community to promote public health. She co-created WeCanVax with the intention of empowering racialized communities in Quebec to get vaccinated.

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Nehal Islam


Nehal is a current medical student and MSc Epidemiology alumnus at McGill passionate about supporting meaningful change for community health. Nehal’s family immigrated from Bangladesh to Montreal, QC before later settling in Ottawa, ON. He also brings experience interpreting and leading drug safety & effectiveness studies. With WeCanVax, he aims to tie his research and community involvement to empower Canadian health.


Hannah Sachs

Chief Editor

Hannah Sachs is a public health graduate passionate about health equity and knowledge translation. In her role at WeCanVax, she aims to empower individuals through the communication of evidence-based information.

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Jorge Luis Flores Anato

Website and Translation Manager

Jorge is a master’s student in epidemiology. He grew up in Venezuela before immigrating to Montréal with his family over 10 years ago. Jorge joined WeCanVax because he believes in the importance of equity in health. He hopes that this initiative can reduce inequalities in vaccination rates and make important information accessible to all.


Bethany Cheng

Social Media Coordinator

Bethany is a recent graduate from the Master of Science in Public Health program at McGill University. She joined WeCanVax to help promote vaccine confidence among racialized communities in Canada.

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Marcus Wong

Social Media Coordinator

Marcus Wong holds a MSc in Public Health from McGill University. He is passionate about digital media as a tool for knowledge translation and education. At WeCanVax, he hopes to help promote vaccine confidence amongst marginalized communities.


Christina Trinh

Social Media Coordinator

Christina Trinh is a second year student studying Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. She joined WeCanVax to help create a safe environment by spreading awareness on the importance of vaccines while also provide help for those in marginalized communities.

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Lynn Sukkarieh

Social Media Coordinator

Lynn Sukkarieh is a soon-to-be Master of Science in Public graduate from McGill University. As the daughter of two Syrian immigrants, she is determined to empower marginalized communities with evidence-based knowledge and to promote vaccine confidence through digital media. By joining WeCanVax, Lynn hopes to strengthen the trust that racialized communities have in public health.

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Sophie Duffy

Chief Writer

Sophie is a Master of Science in Public Health student who aspires to create healthy and equitable communities in Canada. Sophie joined WeCanVax to share the journey and resilience of communities that have experienced barriers to vaccine accessibility.


Hinna Hafeez

Creative Mural Director

Hinna is a Master of Science in Public Health student at McGill University. As the daughter of Kashmiri immigrants, she is passionate about social justice and promoting health equity. By joining WeCanVax, Hinna hopes to bring her other passion – art, to empower and engage local communities through visual storytelling.

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Apoorva Anand

Community Coordinator & Translator

Apoorva migrated from India to Canada two years back to study Global Health from McGill University. Currently, she works as a Project Manager for a COVID-19 screening program in South Africa. Being an immigrant herself, she aims to increase vaccine literacy and vaccine uptake rates in underserved and racialized communities through the WeCanVax initiative.


Cindy Ngov

Community Coordinator

Cindy is a Public Health MSc graduate. She believes that it is important to seek a better understanding of the factors leading to different vaccine experiences and beliefs. Through WeCanVax, she also hopes to address the health disparities faced by local ethnocultural communities and broader marginalized groups.

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Nishita Sharif

Knowledge Mobilizer 

Nishita is a Bachelor’s of Medical Sciences student at Western University who hopes to encourage Canadians to empower themselves with scientifically-informed knowledge. In working with WeCanVax, she hopes to continue to promote health literacy and advocate for those in marginalized populations.

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Aditya Brahmbhatt

Knowledge Mobilizer 

Aditya is a University of Waterloo master's student in the Kinesiology. He has developed a strong passion for science communication and promoting good internet research practices. He hopes to help people in marginalized communities understand and trust vaccines.

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Vanessa Nguyen

Content Creator

Vanessa Nguyen is a 3rd year student studying health sciences at the University of Ottawa. She grew up living in a very diverse neighbourhood and was inspired to help promote vaccines among communities like Parc-Ex. Vanessa joined WeCanVax in hopes of encouraging people of all backgrorunds to get vaccinated and reduce barriers for under-resourced communities.

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Mariyam Malik

VP Finance

Mariyam is a second year student in the MSc Public Health program at McGill. She is South Asian and the child of South Asian immigrants and values a connection to her community. She joined WeCanVax because she is passionate about progressing public health toward more equitable practices.

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