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Humans of Parc Extension

Meet some members of the Parc Extension community who did their research and felt confident about receiving their vaccine.


Meet Wayne.

You can always find Wayne at his table near Parc Metro Station. Wayne was born and raised in Point Claire, Quebec. He loves footfall and solving math problems in his spare time. Wayne believes the vaccine is a necessity, hence why he is already fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Wayne will oftentimes give back to his community by accompanying his friends to get their vaccine and encouraging his local community to get vaccinated. We thank Wayne for keeping his community safe. #WeCanVax.

This is Alaudeen.

Alaudeen and his wife recently opened a new clothing store on Bloomfield and St. Roch. They claim to have the best quality and the best priced blouses in Montreal so please stop by and check out their business. Alaudeen is a supporting father, loving husband, and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Both him and his wife have their first dose of vaccines and are expected to get their second dose quite soon. Getting the vaccine means that they can run their business while keeping their clients safe from COVID-19. Alaudeen notes that he especially likes to stay properlyinformed about the vaccine through reputable sources.


Introducing Kajal.

Kajal is a mother of 2 boys, a three-year-old and a 19 month old. Her three-year-old is very energetic and loves playing on the park slide.  She was very encouraged to get her first dose today at Parc St.Roch because she wanted to vaccinate to keep her kids safe and have a safe fall and winter season. She feels very confident about the vaccine and is well-informed.

Say hello to Emilia!

Emelia is a social media influencer with over 220K followers on Instagram and almost 800K on YouTube! She loves bright colours and unique patterns and prints, which are integrated into her marvelous wardrobe. She heard about the vaccine through her sister and she loved how easy and accessible it was to get her vaccine on the fly at the Vaccivan. Today she had her second dose and now she feels very safe. Follow Emelia’s Youtube and Instagram


Meet Horacio.

Horacio is a father of two very energetic and excited children. They love biking around together, especially on the weekends and through the park. They have lived in multiple other countries before moving to Canada. They enjoy their time here in Parc Extension especially if activities involve going to the park, biking or both! Luckily, they biked past the vaccivan and got their 2nd doses!

Hello to Madamoiselle Irene!

She is a kindergarten teacher and well-loved instructor in the community. On Vaccivan day, she even ran into one of her students at the Parc!


Meet Faiz Ashuani.

Faiz is a real estate developer in Parc Extension. He leads a community group called BriqueparBrique, which offers real estate expertise to support the development of social housing for low-income tenants facing discrimination in the rental market. Faiz is passionate about creating affordable housing for Parc Extension residents. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine meant that he could interact with his clients safely. You might catch him at the café co-op at the corner of Bloomfield and Saint Roch. 

This is Deep Kaur.

Say hello to Deep! Deep has two wonderful sons. She works as a CIUSSS COVID-19 officer at the vaccine pop-up clinic at William Hingston community centre. She got vaccinated for her own protection and for her family’s safety.

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Say hello to Adil.

Adil works for Table du Quartier Parc Extension Street team. The street team helps non-English/non-French speaking Parc Ex residents navigate their way to vaccine pop-up clinics.  He is an asset to the team because he can speak in Hindi and Punjabi. Earlier this year, he got COVID-19. Despite getting the virus, he is determined to get his vaccine to be fully immune.

This is Clara.

Meet Clara! She is currently a student at McGill University. She enjoys working in the healthcare field. Clara previously worked at a long-term care home in Montreal and now she works as a COVID-19 officer for CIUSSS vaccine pop-up clinic at William Hingston community centre. We thank Clara for her tremendous work on the frontlines


This is Giuliana.

Giuliana is from Peru! Giuliana is double vaccinated which means she can go home and visit her family in Peru.

This is Paraskevi or “Paris”.

Paris works for the Table du Quartier street team. She actively promotes COVID-19 vaccine confidence by providing important information about vaccine safety for people who will be getting vaccinated. She plays a key role in the community by providing translations for people who do not speak English or French and helps Greek Parc Ex residents navigate their way to mobile clinics.  When asked why she got the vaccine, she said that it was important for her to get vaccinated so she could see her family this summer in Greece. We hope that Paris is enjoying the summer weather over in Athens!


This is Shahista.

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Taylor Quill is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.