About Us

Working Towards Our Better Tomorrow

WeCanVax is a community initiative to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by promoting COVID-19 vaccine confidence in diverse communities across Montreal.  Our goal is to catalyze positive change by empowering individual actions to promote healthier communities. 

We will meet this need by distributing evidence-based social and traditional media content informing COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness, designed with diverse communities in mind. We are funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC) Community Innovation Challenge. 


Our Principles


To empower individuals to make well-informed health choices.


To advocate for greater access to health resources in under-funded communities.


To engage communities in understanding their needs when designing health positive messaging.

Image by Matteo Jorjoson

Our Plan

WeCanVax is a health communication program prioritizing racialized communities in Quebec. This program has two parallel components: 1) To involve Parc Extension in co-creating and co-implementing a public health  campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence.

The social media and traditional poster campaign enables Canadians to take ownership of their health. We will do this by empowering individuals with messaging like “Your Vaccine, Our Protection”.

Our material features Parc Ex residents. 


Our Media Campaign

Our campaign will have three phases:

1) Design, 2) Pilot, and 3) Launch. 

During the design phase, we have developed preliminary communications products for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have also drafted a Change.org petition. 

During the pilot phase, we will receive final approval for our material from our community partners in racialized communities. Then, the content will be distributed with careful attention to community perceptions. We will also collect quantitative metrics to help identify areas of improvement and how to well-distribute resources. 

During the launch phase, we will expand the content to areas identified in our metrics and begin to distribute the material to racialized communities beyond Quebec. In addition, we will continue to collect statistics regarding engagement to adjust our approach as needed.

People with Masks